Tone Your Legs & Bum & Torch Belly Fat With These 5 Squat Variations

//Tone Your Legs & Bum & Torch Belly Fat With These 5 Squat Variations

Tone Your Legs & Bum & Torch Belly Fat With These 5 Squat Variations

Peeps, what’s the beef? Cameron here from Zest Fitness and today I’m going to give you the tools to build an incredible arse and toned set of legs! What I’m going to show you today burns more calories than nearly every other exercise out there which is great for burning fat around your stomach!

Most people who go to the gym these days tend to shy away from the things that work (e.g. squatting) because they’re also the most grueling to perform. You also probably have nobody to show you the ropes when it comes to having the right form? Well have no fear as I’m going to give you the Low Down on the best way to do the 5 exercises!

The reason I put squats on a pedestal has me thinking, I’ll explain the reason through a little story. See, I’ve always had a passionate relationship with squats (hehe). I’ve always had big strong legs naturally and my sport was Powerlifting; behold meant I had to do a lot of squatting. Now this led me to develop a fairly decent looking lower body, which unfortunately didn’t make any difference to my very large head but sure look, you can’t have it all folks!

The Key thing to take away from this is the following: doing big compound exercises with heavyish weight consistently week by week does more for how you look compared to just sweating on a treadmill or bike…Fact! I’ve seen female powerlifters with a far more shapely and desirerable physiques than the good majority of Instagram fitness girls who preach a life of Herbalife tea’s and secret magic exercises instead of simple good old hard work! Take note Ladies and don’t believe what you see on social media! The basics work!

Now that you’re somewhat convinced, let me show you the 5 types of squats that will transform your physique if you stick with them and use properly! I’ve ranked the squats in order of difficulty. Start with the easiest ones then after a few weeks, progress to more difficult variations!

1. The Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is a super effective exercise and super simple to learn. All you need is a a

Dumbbell or kettlebell and you’re good to go!

How To:

 Hold the DB/KB against your chest!
 Set your feet shoulder width!
 Brace your core/stomach like someone
is going to punch you!
 Squat Down by pushing you hips back
and keeping your chest up.
 Hips should travel past 90 degrees!
 Stand Back Up & repeat.

2. The Lunge

The lunge is an easy single leg squat variation. This is exceptionally handy if you feel you’ve got one side stronger than the other ( it’s all about balance at the end of the day). You also need very little equipment for lunges. You can use Dumbbells or a barbell or even just your bodyweight!

How To:

 Hold The DB’s down by your sides with arms straight.
 Brace your core and keep your chest proud.
 Take a big step forward till your back knee softly
touches the ground!
 Push back to where you were by pushing through
your heel!
 Repeat on the other leg till all reps are complete!

3. The Bulgarian Split Squat

The exercise is nearly worth the price of admission for the name alone! All jokes aside, nothing will burn and build your glutes, quads (bum & thighs) like a Bulgarian split squat. All you need a bench and weights of some kind (DB’s, KB’s or BB’s).

How To:

 Put your Back Foot on a bench behind you with
weights in hand!
 Your front foot should be slightly in front of you.
 Bend Your front knee whilst keeping your chest up.
 Touch your back knee off the floor and drive up
through your front heel.
 Repeat until reps are finished on one leg then swap to
the other side!

4. The Back Squat

Otherwise known as the king of exercises and for good reason. The back squat is or has been a staple in any serious gym-goers arsenal. You can load it up with more weight than any other variation which makes it a sure fire way to get results. All you need is a squat and a barbell. Be careful to master the other squat variations mentioned before this before attempting the back squat!

How To:

 Grip the bar shoulder width then put your
head through & underneath the middle of the bar!
 Squeeze your elbows & shoulder blades
together to jam the bar in place.
 Stand up and take 2 steps out – set your feet
shoulder width and toes point slightly out!
 Stand tall, brace your core & and keep your
eyes looking forward!
 Squat down with your chest up and feet flat on
the floor till hips are 90 degrees or below!
 Stand back up and repeat for reps!

5. The Front Squat

Last but not least, the most difficult to perform out of all of the squats. The front squat is a staple in every Olympic weightlifters program. You only need to google Olympic weightlifter’s legs to see the impact this exercise can have on how you look! You need decent flexibility/mobility to perform this safely so make sure you’ve got someone to coach you through if you’re confident in teaching yourself.

How To:

  • Place your hand shoulder width and get into a
    front rack position(bar on front of shoulders –
    supported by hands)
  • Stand up & step back – Set feet shoulder width
    with toes pointed out slightly.
  • Keep your elbows up – parallel with the floor
    then brace core!
  • Squat down with an upright torso till hips are
    90 degrees or more!
  • Stand up and repeat for reps!
    What’s the next step?

The reality is, at some point you need a coach to teach you things properly. Getting a trainer to show you technique fast tracks your progress much faster and safer than someone who is
self-taught (trust me – I did the latter).

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