Limited Time To Train? 4 Ways To Leave The Gym Feeling Satisfied!

//Limited Time To Train? 4 Ways To Leave The Gym Feeling Satisfied!

Limited Time To Train? 4 Ways To Leave The Gym Feeling Satisfied!

Peeps, what’s the beef? Cameron here from Zest and today I’m going to show you how to get the most out of exercise without spending ages in the gym and still leave feeling like you’ve achieved something!! You see I’m writing this blog because people waste far too much time in the gym these days. Rest times in between sets have become a 10 minute scrolling marathon on Instagram. A typical training session has turned into an event on social media with check-ins on “FAKEBOOK”,  Whether these things are intentional or not, the result is the same – you’re wasting time!

Unless you’re an elite professional athlete, gym sessions should last anywhere from 45-90 mins MAX!! This range depends on what kind of training you’re doing (strength, muscle building, fat loss etc).  Overly long training sessions take away from your life by limiting time with loved ones or doing cool shit. They also
take away from your results, short dense training sessions are actually 1 key component to overloading your body to burn fat, build muscle & build strength!!!

I’m sick of this trend of going through the motions. Fuck that, training should be tough…You should be covered in sweat….You should be breathing heavy….You should feel like you were challenged & sometimes even a little scared!

I’m going to outline 4 ways to achieve the incredible sensations (ha ha) I’ve mentioned above.

1 – Supersets

Good old supersets, gotta love em. They are a fantastic way to build more muscle & strength. Basically what you’re going to do is pick 2 exercises and do them back-2- back! Sounds simple right?

You can skin the cat a few different ways:

1st – Pick 2 exercises that target opposing muscle groups – e.g..A1:Push Up(chest) x 10 – A2: Pull Up(Back) x 6

2nd – Pick Exercises that target the same muscles – e.g. A1: DB Bench Press x 8 – A2: DB Chest Flyes x 12-15 – Both
work chest muscles!

2 – Tri-Sets

A real kick in the proverbial gonads but still an excellent to get loads of work in and stimulate your body in a short period of time!
The idea as the name might suggest is to do 3 exercises b-2- b-2- b and then take your rest! Again you can choose different exercises for different muscle groups or the different exercises for the same muscle group depending on what your going for!


1. Upper Push-Upper Pull-Upper Isolation – A1 Push Up x 10 reps A2 DB Row x 10 reps A3 Facepull x 15 reps

2. Lower Push-Lower Pull-Core – A1 Goblet Squat x 10 reps A2 RDL x 10 reps A3 Plank x 30 secs

3. Shoulders – A1 DB Shoulder Press x 6 reps A2 Lateral Raises x 10 reps A3 Facepulls x 15 reps

3 – Chippers

Nope I’m talking about a chipper that you’d get on Friday night after one too many pints!!! This is a different kettle of fish – no pun intended. The idea of a chipper workout is that you pick a number of exercises and a large number of total reps assigned to each one. The idea is that you chip away at the exercises in multiple
rounds till the total number of reps are completed. There’s a certain degree of strategy to it which makes it more fun. Also spice it up by putting a time limit on yourself finishing all reps so you have a sense of urgency!

Example 1 – 15 Min Cut Off

 100 Goblet Squats
 100 TRX Rows
 50/50 Palof Press
 50 cals Assault Bike

Example 2 – 15 Min Cut Off
 100 Push Ups
 100 KB Swings
 50/50 Russian Twists
 100 Facepulls

4 – Density Blocks

As the name might suggest – the idea of a density block is to get a lot of training done in a very small amount of time. Basically you pick a 3-6 exercises and assign set ball park of reps on each one! The idea is get as many rounds done in a given amount of time! You give yourself a ball park of reps to complete instead of fixed reps so you can reduce the reps when you’re tired! This ensures you can keep moving and get more rounds done!


AMRAP – 15 Mins (As Many Rounds As Possible)

A1 DB Split Squat x 6-8 reps
A2 Inverted Rows x 6- 8 Reps
A3 ½ Kneeling DB Press x 6-8 reps
A4 DB RDL’s x 6-8 reps

These are all great ways to get the most out of your training folks! if you have any questions or need help with exercises etc, don’t hesitate to email me –

Thanks for reading guys!

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