Gym Pitfalls & How To Overcome Them:

//Gym Pitfalls & How To Overcome Them:

Gym Pitfalls & How To Overcome Them:

Here is my top 3 Christmas pitfalls and how to try and overcome them!

Hi Guys, James here from Zest Fitness. I have been training people a long long time and I hear the same questions and comments year after year. I ( being 34 years of age) have also been through 34 Christmasses so I too make the same mistakes you do. So here’s how not to make the mistakes.

Keep Up Your Training Regime:

Even if its 10 minutes a day, try and keep your workouts consistent. Even if its a bodyweight workout or a run, try and get it in day after day, every day!

Limit Alcohol:

You are drinking loads of sugar water. I’ll say that again, you are drinking stuff that is literally counterproductive to your goal. Limit the days you drink, try and pick a diet soft drink ( Beer and wine is the worst) and add in water between rounds.

Stick With Protein:

Christmas dinner, lunches, brekkie…. Try and fit it in wherever you can. Fill up on protein on your meals and add plenty of veg. That way you wont have room to eat junk!

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