5 Exercises Men 30-50 Need to Be Doing to Tone Up And Feel Powerful

//5 Exercises Men 30-50 Need to Be Doing to Tone Up And Feel Powerful

5 Exercises Men 30-50 Need to Be Doing to Tone Up And Feel Powerful

Well buddy, what’s the beef? Cameron here from Zest Fitness and today I’m going to tell you why you’re successful in business but failing at getting your health in check! I’m then going to empower you with some tools to turn that around!

The thing is tonto – you’re ambitious and hungry at work! You dominate and are successful at whatever you put your mind to! BUT the gym has always been a chore and getting into shape and maintaining it seems like climbing Mount Everest! Boring jogs on a treadmill and a deep sense of dis-satisfaction come to mind!

What makes it even harder is the fact that you’re starting to or have already settled down with a mortgage and a family. Now, the pressure to perform in your career has taken priority over being in shape. In actual fact, you’re so drained from work that weekends become a chance to release the pressure over a few bottles of wine or pints in some swanky bar or restaurant in town – and you begin to ask yourself: Is there such thing as a pint of wine? Haha

All jokes aside chief, I know your struggles so I’m going to help you turn it around today! The reality is that not going to the gym and not taking care of yourself is costing you money! That’s right – COSTING YOU CASH!!

Think about it, how many times have you NOT chased leads, made sales, finished projects or not been productive because you were too tired, uninterested & stressed to make it happen? You’re only human, these things happen but what if I told you this: Fit and; healthy men who eat real food and sleep 7-8 hours a night have more energy, happier moods & more composure to deal with the shit thrown at them daily than someone who’s too tired to go to the gym! That’s a fact chief!

Taking all this into account – Let me know show you 5 exercises that if performed properly and regularly will make you feel/look toned + feel more powerful as your testosterone is increased! They’re the cornerstone basics and guess what? Basics work too so strap in!

1 Deadlifts

The most bang for your buck exercise you can do! Deadlift can be varied a few different ways:

Trap Bar, Straight bar, RDL, Sumo, Conventional, Kettlebell. The idea is to choose one that suits your body structure and training experience! You should be looking to do 5 sets a week as a starting point. Maybe split over 2 days of training. Look to do 4-8 reps per set. Concentrate on form over weight unless you like hospital food!

2 Squats

Squats are known as the king of exercises! Like deadlifts, they can be varied a few different ways:

Back Squat, Front Squat, Goblet Squat, Split Squat, Box Squat. Again pick your poison depending on experience & body structure! E.g. Goblet squats are less complex than back squats! Look to get 5-6 sets done a week with your reps falling between 5-10 reps!

3 Chin Ups

Nothing builds a strong, powerful & toned looking back and arms like chin ups! They’re tough to do with your bodyweight so I’ll show you how to scale it back to the point where you can do it without calling yourself an ambulance! The main objective should be to perform 5-10 chins with your bodyweight and no
assistance! If you’re not there yet then what you need to do is attach a green, black or purple to the rack you’re doing the chins on and wrap it around your foot before you start the set! This decreases the amount of weight you’re pulling over the bar! Once you can get 10-15 good reps with a certain band then start to use a lighter band

(Green – Heavy, Purple – Med, Black/Red – Light).

4 Bench Press

How much ya bench? A common question amongst gym goers worldwide but for you mate, you just need to be worrying about doing 5-6 sets a week and 8-12 reps per set! Again, bench pressing comes in a few different forms: Barbell Bench Press, DB Bench Press, Incline BB/DB Press, Decline BB/DB Press! Again, go with the variation that suits you!

5 ½ Kneeling Press

Strong shoulders make you look powerful in a shirt or t-shirt or even topless at the beach – Dream big buddy!!! The ½ kneeling press is your best bet to achieve this because of the minimized risk of injury you would have with regular Overhead pressing. It keeps your core muscles strong too which is always a good bonus! 5-6 sets a week and 8-12 reps per set on each arm!

Well sir, that’s the 5 exercises you need to be doing to look toned & feel powerful in life and work! I’d suggest working with a trainer if you haven’t got any experience or even if you do, an objective eye is always a sure-fire way to fast-track success! I’ll be doing demonstration videos of the exercises on my Facebook Page – “Cameron Zest Fitness”. Go and have a look if you’re serious about getting your shit together! If have any queries on training, nutrition or lifestyle then don’t hesitate to email me camzestfitness@gmail.com. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who knows how to fix your problems then email me, call/text me on 087-3879922 or apply for a free trial below!

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you next time!

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