4 Ways To Fight Depression and Anxiety

//4 Ways To Fight Depression and Anxiety

4 Ways To Fight Depression and Anxiety


Peeps what’s the beef? Cam here again from Zest Fitness and today I’m talking about a touchy subject for a lot of people! The dark burden that a scary number of people are carrying around with them on a day-to-day basis. I’m going to speak about my recent experience with mental illness and give you 5 tools to combat it.

In a modern world of social media and connectivity, people can paint a very pretty and very artificial picture of how their lives are. The truth is, nobody is actually as happy as the
person they’re portraying on Instagram or Facebook. We all struggle, we all get angry, frustrated, depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, fed up, jealous etc etc. It’s funny that nearly nobody talks about these feelings .openly.

I’ve found myself slipping into the void at times in the past few months. Feelings of being burned out, stressed, anxious, unhealthy and all those delightful feelings (saracasm is a
great healer…I joke). I’ve been so heavily concentrated on building my business as a trainer doing blogs, social media, marketing, programming, coaching and holding clients
accountable that I’ve forgotten about holding myself accountable physically and mentally.


I’d be so tired after a week of work that I compensated with junk food, sugary shite, partying and neglecting my training which has been a constant in my life since I was 13 years old! It was fine for a while but it eventually caught up on me. I was constantly lethargic and anxious because of the lack of sleep, shit food and bare minimum amount of training I was doing!

Before I knew it, depression and anxiety had become a constant struggle for me. I wasn’t getting the psychological benefits of training hard consistently! I was getting poisoned constantly by sugar and booze! I would put something off in work and suddenly I’d find myself overwhelmed. I was fucking sick of it. It’s not who I am, I’m not a victim.


My life, happiness and success won’t dictated by fucking vices. I’ve got too much to achieve, fuck failure!

So I had a heart to heart with myself after a holiday in Spain that I was going to sort it out. I don’t need bullshit like booze, drugs and shit food. They do nothing for me except fuck up my ability to succeed and achieve. I started regimenting everything and prioritizing my own well being. I’m building momentum the past few weeks and I’m going to show you 4 things I addressed!

1 Cut Out Sugar

This is a very simple one to sort out straight away. Most people, myself included have some kind of addiction to sugar. We always have to have something sweet to reward ourselves
and just indulge a craving. My excuse was that I have a sweet tooth, what a crock of shit! You have an addiction that you’re making excuses for!


Sugar is slowly killing you and your energy levels, it’s a very poisonous thing and I’m talking about refined sugars like sweets, chocolate & fizzy drinks. Eliminate them! You’ll crave them for a few days but just push through it. You’ll feel so much better and you’ll probably stop feeling lethargic all the time!

2. Get Sweaty Everyday

Yes….everyday tonto! They say do 30 mins but I CALL BULLSHIT, I started running for 10 mins everyday and I feel great after so in my eyes, they can get fucked with their 30! I still go to the gym and lift outside of that but the bare minimum is my run and it’s a real game changer!

The thing is, regardless of what you do to get sweaty…The idea is get to that point of discomfort where your brain says stop….And keep going! That’s where the magic is. That’s where the feel good hormones get released. If you do this everyday, you’re essentially getting out of your own head and getting into the moment by pushing through physical adversity which most people are too soft to do.


IT’S ESSENTIAL so start immediately.

NOT NEXT WEEK, NOT MONDAY, NOT TOMMROW…TODAY. Stop listening to that voice in your head. It doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Take control, take action! Your mental health is your responsibility!

3 Stop Partying All The Time – For A While!

Listen I’m a massive sessioner at heart, I love tunes and festivals. I’ve been into djing since college and I’ve seen my fair share of madness. So speaking from experience, partying and boozing every weekend will fuck your shit up physically and mentally. Mentally especially…I know the process, every Sunday is fear ridden, every Monday is a nightmare full of you wishing it was Friday again! This is no way to live your life chap.

Think of how much happier you’d be if you could wake up on the weekend not hungover for once and go for a walk or a jog and feel full of energy and vitality? That’s actually possible believe it or not. And if a sober weekend seems impossible to you then you need to take a long-hard look at yourself and the friends you keep! I’ve had friends who spent most of their time smoking and putting coke up their nose and they made me out to be the bad guy for not following them into the abyss. These aren’t real friends…They just want someone else to drag to the bottom with them…Don’t let it be you…Chill out on the sessioning for a while!

4 Start Concentrating On Getting Better Sleep

People underestimate sleep so much it’s not even funny. You know those people who claim to sleep 4-5 hours a night and feel fine? Yeah those same people will grow old and are far more likely to develop neurological diseases like Alzeihmers and Dementia because they’re brain was constantly playing catch up their whole lives! I’m not being extreme with that claim, it’s a fact. Listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast with Matthew Walker on sleep if you want to have you mind blown!

Sleep will cure anxiety and lethargy quicker than any anti-depressant. Start getting 8 hours of solid sleep a night and notice the insane improvement mentally and physically. Check out my blogs on sleep here (https://zestfitness.ie/blog-zest-fitness/)

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