3 Ways Hidden Calories Are Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

//3 Ways Hidden Calories Are Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

3 Ways Hidden Calories Are Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

Peeps what’s the beef? Cam here from Zest Fitness again and I’m coming at you with a quick one today on shifting the gut that you’ve been struggling with for the past god knows how
long! I’ve identified a few small things that are stopping you from burning off the gut. It’s funny because they’re things that people are rarely conscious of. I’m writing this because they’re common mistakes to make. We make decisions with food and drink on a daily basis that are throwing your calories all over the shop. The funny thing is that you might not even realise you’re doing it! You’re staring in the mirror everyday, wondering why you look the same!

I had a personal training client Amy recently going through this struggle. She trained hard, ate her 3 solid meals a day and didn’t throw it all away on the weekends! She was frustrated
that she stopped seeing results after a few months! Something had to give I thought, your body doesn’t lie. There’s a reason that someone isn’t
losing weight and burning fat. I had to figure it out. I asked Amy a few quick questions.

1. How much peanut butter are you putting into your porridge/shake?
2. Are you having sugar/honey in your coffee?
3. How Much Coconut Oil are you cooking with?

The answers she gave me confirmed what I thought was causing the lack of progress. Because I’m very realistic with what I expect people to do with diet, I don’t ask them to
measure every little thing they eat as that’s a sure fire way to melt your own brain! However, as a result Amy wasn’t taking into account how many calories were sneaking into her diet. She was adding 1 heaped tablespoon of nut butter into her porridge and shakes whenever she had them. There’s a huge difference in calories with teaspoons and tablespoons when it comes to nut butter! That had to be changed.

The second was the fact that she was having a small squeeze of honey in every coffee(3 a day 7 days a week), That might not be a problem if you’re having a coffee a week but if
you’re having 20+ a week then it accumulates so we addressed that and cut it out as it wasn’t a big deal to her!

The last thing was the amount of coconut oil being used in cooking. She was prepping food every 3-4 days and using mental amounts of coconut oil to coat the pan. We addressed the
amount she was using immediately! After reducing the hidden calories, Amy ended up losing another 3kg in a month which a great progress considering the wall that we hit prior. I’ll outline the 3 changes below!

1 Have a teaspoon of nut butter – Not a tablespoon!

The difference between these 2 serving sizes is the difference between losing weight and staying the same! Also they make no difference to taste, let’s be honest! Limit yourself to 1 teaspoon a day and see how you get on!

2 Do You Have Sugar/Honey In your Coffee? Americano or Latte’s?

First off, The difference between a latte and a black Americano is massive! Latte’s could be between 200-250 calories and Americanos are between 15-50 kcals so tread carefully. Have
a latte every now and again but for the most part, go for the Americano! It’s a not massive change to make but it has a big effect so I’ll leave that up to you!

The second part of the coffee equation is the whether you add sugar/honey! If you do, stop…Simple as, simple refined sugar will fuck you up. It has a big negative effect on brain
function, mood regulation, metabolism and blood sugar so cut it back you can. 3 How Much Coconut Oil are you having?

Coconut is great for you but it’s very calorific so you need to watch the quantity. Enough to coat the pan and no more, you’re not deep frying your meals like! Similar to nut butter, teaspoons not tablespoons folks.

3 Ways Hidden Calories Are Stopping You From Losing Belly Fat

The other thing is as a general rule of thumb, use cooking oils that are solid at room temperature! Avoid cooking with sunflower, canola and olive oil as they do strange things to
your body when brought up to smoking point in a pan! Hope those points were helpful guys, learn from Amy and clean the small parts of your
diet and see does it make a difference!

Email me if you’ve any questions ( Camzestfitness@gmail.com):

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