3 Tips For Men Who Want To Lose The Gut

//3 Tips For Men Who Want To Lose The Gut

3 Tips For Men Who Want To Lose The Gut

Peeps what’s the beef, Cam here from Zest Fitness checking in to show you more ways of getting into the shape you want! Today I’m going through 4 things you can do to lose the belly that you’ve been sick of looking at since your 20’s!

I’ve been going through this with clients for the past few weeks. John has been training with me consistently 2-3 days a week for the past few months. We’ve noticed that progress has stalled big time. It’s easy to lose momentum after seeing initial results ya know! Anyway, I wanted John to get the ball rolling again and see if we can completely lose the gut. I really looked at what he was doing on a daily basis that has caused him to stop losing weight and burning fat. I noticed a few things happening that were not happening when he was getting results. John had slipped into some bad habits. The First thing I noticed was frequent casual drinking had crept in as the weather has been very good and boozing is tough to avoid. I then noticed the booze was disrupting his sleep patterns which resulted in his energy levels being
all over the shop!

Because john wasn’t sleeping well and his energy was low – he then started snacking on sugary shite in the middle of the day on his lunch on work days! As a result of all of the above, John had gone away from his nutrition plan which clearly outlined that he needed to be eating 3 meals a day with a good portion of greens and protein with every meal. I started refreshing all of these things so John could get back on track. He noticed immediately that improving his sleep fixed all the problems he was having. Everything seemed to fall into place after that because he had energy to spare instead of feeling lethargic.

Here’s 3 things you can do to sort out your gut chief:

1. Stop Boozing Randomly – Pick Your Battles This will kill your progress in a similar way to having a Donald Trump fat suit gorilla glued to your body. The fact is, your small lapses in discipline are causing you more harm than you think! The calories in booze accumulate and literally are the difference between you losing  the gut or enlarging your gut!

The keys to boozing safely are to only drink 1 day a week if you have to, STOP rewarding yourself for nothing too. If you don’t have to drink, then don’t chief. The 2 nd thing is to make better choices with booze. Pints of anything will do you damage so start choosing spirits instead – Gin, Tequila or vodka with Tonic, Soda water.

The last thing is realizing the effect that booze has on your sleep patterns. When you’ve got alcohol in your system, you will not be able to get into a deep state of sleep. Which means, you’ll wake feeling tired and groggy. The low energy levels then result in you eating shite instead of good food. Before you know it, you’re gaining weight and feeling like a wet sponge day to day.

Stop drinking all the time…End of!

2. Earn Your Carbs

Carbs are not bad BUT loads of carbs throughout the day without much exercise will cause serious issues. If you’ve been at a desk since 9am then you do not a hape load of fruit and a fecking chicken fillet roll for lunch.

And you should probably start the day light instead of a mountain of porridge too. Start by eating bacon, eggs and spinach instead with a pint of water and save the coffee till you’re in work. I guarantee you’ll have far more energy as a result, you’ll also start to lean out a good bit by cutting the unnecessary carbs which will drop your calories intake significantly! The other thing with carbs is that the more you have, the more you crave it. This is very true with refined sugars like chocolate and other shite.

3. Start Concentrating On Getting Better Sleep – Tonight!

People underestimate the power of sleep so much it’s not even funny. Especially those twats that claim they’re “grand with 5 hours sleep a night”. Oh, I’m sorry mate, you managed to cheat nature and are well rested on next to no sleep? Bullshit, you’re sleep adapted.

Humans can adapt to anything including shit sleep. You can operate in spite of bad sleep but you would feel and perform so much better if you got 8 hours every night.
Your body would start producing the hormones that burn fat and build muscle at the same time as a result too.

The fatigue and lethargy from bad sleep affects every part of your life. Productivity, physical performance etc. etc. Stop using social media and phones after 9pm, start reading when you’re in bed and don’t down a pint of water before bed so you don’t wake up for a piss. See if it helps!

Hope that was helpful dude!

If you’re interested in losing the gut and are actually serious about making a change – You and a friend should apply for Group Personal Training with me! Text 087-3879922 to book a free consultation today!

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